At one time punk rock wasn’t even considered cool, punk rockers were considered the absolute bottom-feeders of society. But, now, apparently, punk rock is considered cool, at least according to Urban Outfitters, the go-to shop for every hipster girl and boy.

They have released a “punk rock” leather jacket, complete with crudely drawn logos of various punk bands on the back, including The Sex Pistols, the Clash, and surprisingly… anarcho-punk band Crass. While the average kid shopping at Urban Outfitters may know who The Sex Pistols and the Clash were, they most likely are not going to know who Crass were, one of the most outspoken anarcho-punk bands from the UK, or the idealogies that powered the controversial band.

And the kicker? The jacket sells for three hundred seventy five dollars, an amount that no self-respecting punk would pay for a jacket they could make for fifteen bucks by going to a thrift store and breaking out some sharpies.