The mainstream media has clearly lost sight of what punk rock is, if they ever knew what it was in the first place. Ever since Miley Cyrus’ twerking at the MTV music awards, Vice magazine has even went as far as to call it a display of punk rock. The idiocy of comparing Miley Cyrus grinding her booty against Robin Thicke with the beliefs and mantra of punk rock is mind blowing. Born of rage and rebellion, punk rock is not a spoiled and and overexposed media target like Miley Cyrus dancing around vacuously with a foam finger.

Singer MIA is also claiming that she’s punk rock, for throwing up her middle finger when performing at The Super Bowl. The English Sri-Lankan musician doesn’t seem to realize that you can’t justify stupid actions by calling it punk rock. MIA was likely paid exorbitant amounts of money to perform to an audience that probably wasn’t even interested in her. Instead of admitting that she acted like a douche, she is calling it a ‘display of punk rock.’