Wayne Static, lead singer and guitarist of innovative industrial band Static-X passed away in 2014. While a musician passing away early is not unusual, it’s even more tragic that Wayne Static passed away while seemingly in a decent place in his life. He was married to the love of his life, former adult star Tera Wray, and they lived together in Joshua Tree, California. Static was an underrated talent, eccentric in appearance, he was also well-spoken and polite in interviews.

Tera Wray was sometimes (unfairly) referred to as the “Yoko Ono of metal” because of her and Wayne Static becoming inseperable, and perhaps being the reason why the band disbanded. She was a total free spirit, and that combined with her aggressive sexuality seemed to rub fans the wrong way. Tera and Wayne Static initially met at Ozzfest, when Tera told him directly that she wanted to “f%*k him” and they were together ever since.

There are many videos of Static and Tera on YouTube, where by all accounts they seem very happy together and deeply in love. Tera Wray, due to her flamboyant sexually explicit personality and adult movie past, was hated by some of Wayne Static’s fans for controlling his life. But it’s pretty obvious that they were together, because they were two broken people who had found each other and happiness in that closeness.

Static passed away supposedly from prescription drugs, and he did so while sleeping next to his wife. Although it seemed that Tera would eventually move on, she also committed suicide in January 2016, perhaps hoping that her and Wayne Static could eventually be together again. It seemed to be a case simply where she couldn’t bear to face life without him. It’s very sad to imagine the bright, bubbly Tera Wray feeling so deeply that she no longer wanted to live at the age of 33. So here’s hoping that these two somehow find their way to each other again.

My favorite Static-X song is “Push It” a brilliant video and song.