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Top Three Surprisingly Rich Punk Rock Stars


Punk rock’s defiant DIY stance, anti-authority attitude, and underground status doesn’t make it the best genre to make money in. Yet somehow some punk rockers have been able to become millionaires a long the way. Even for punk rockers, becoming a millionaire is something that should be respected, because realistically these three punk rockers came up the hard way. They’ve all fought the good fight, and became pre-emininent members of the punk rock community.

1. Ian McKaye

Former lead singer of two groundbreaking hardcore punk bands, Minor Threat and Fugazi, Ian McKaye is a major part of why the Washington D.C. hardcore punk scene is still loved and revered by so many. A supporter of the Riot Grrrl movement, Ian McKaye has never been one to shy away from making strong political statements. He is reportedly worth over twenty million dollars. How he’s been able amass that money being straight-edge and hardcore is a little bit of a mystery.

2. Kathleen Hanna

While Kathleen Hanna, former lead singer of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, may not be herself filthy rich, her husband of decades Adam Horovitz definitely is. In 2013 Adam Horovitz, better known as Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys, purchased a Chelsea loft well over two million dollars. Kathleen Hanna is currently enjoying a luxurious existence as a rich New Yorker far removed from her days working as a stripper and squatting with friends because she had no money.

3. Tim Armstrong

Due to the massive mainstream success of Rancid, Tim Armstrong may be the least surprising person on this list, which is why he’s listed at number three. A widely beloved figure in the punk world, he also was instrumental in popularizing ska punk to mainstream kids eager for something different. Tim Armstrong seems to have reaped the benefits of his tumultuous life, starting his own record label Hellcat Records and being worth a reported thirteen million dollars. He also got a large skull tattoo a long the way.

Kathleen Hanna Named The Nirvana Song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”


At one time Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill hung out with Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Imagine the fun and shennanigans those two must have had together. Kathleen Hanna revealed a funny story in an interview once, about how she helped name Nirvana’s most well-known song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

She says her and Kurt were hanging out in an apartment, and she started writing on the wall. And one of the phrases she wrote was “Kurt smells like teen spirit.” She was actually referring to a real deodorant, but Kurt didn’t know that. Later on, he actually called Kathleen Hanna and asked her if it was ok if he used that as a title of a song. She said yes, and the rest is history. Kurt Cobain also said in an interview that he didn’t know that Teen Spirit was an actual deodorant until everyone started asking him about it.

Kathleen Hanna Documentary “The Punk Singer” Finally Being Released, Directed By Sini Anderson


Director Sini Anderson launched a Kickstarter project in 2011 to fund a documentary about the revolutionary and influential feminist punk icon Kathleen Hanna. Since then, there have been many people anxiously awaiting the release of the documentary, and it’s finally happened in March 2013. Created with the blessing and cooperation of Kathleen Hanna herself, the documentary has received predominantly positive reviews, unlike the other recently released punk movie, “CBGB.” The Punk Singer seems to have been able capture the raw essence of what drove Kathleen Hanna and the Riot Grrl movement she became associated with.

Married to Beastie Boys member Ad Rock, Kathleen Hanna’s story is much more complex and layered than many people have realized. Although associated with Punk Rock, she went on to become fascinated with electronic music, eventually creating the beginnings of her current musical project Julie Ruin many years back in Washington. She eventually disappeared from the musical spotlight due to her health problems with Lyme Disease. But she is now back, and the Sini Anderson directed documentary looks to be part of her comeback.

To find out more about The Punk Singer, visit the official The Punk Singer website.

Kathleen Hanna’s New Band Julie Ruin Release Their First Single, “Oh Come On”


Kathleen Hanna has always said that at the bottom of everything, music was always her life. So it’s great to announce that Kathleen Hanna’s new band Julie Ruin have released their first single “Oh Come On.”

At first I was a little scared of what I would hear and see when watching this video. Kathleen Hanna has always been one of my favorites from the Riot Grrrl movement, and I didn’t want her tarnishing her legacy by releasing substandard music. But the music rocks, and I’m so glad to have her back doing what she does best, making music!

Photo of the Day – Bikini Kill and Kathleen Hanna