Phil Anselmo, Phil Phil Phil, what are we going to do with you? One of the worst things about getting older, is the realization that many of our heros are flawed – or in this case, majorly flawed. Phil Anselmo is the lead singer of one of the greatest and most popular metal bands of all time, Pantera, but he has long been followed by accusations of racism and white power idolatry.

Recently, at a live performance, he performed a nazi salute, and was immediately the center of controversy. While in the past, Anselmo may have been able to get away with this, he is being called out (and rightfully so) for his racist behavior. He tried to explain it away with it being an inside joke about white wine, but I call BS on that statement.

With that being said, I strongly believe that he is still a great artist, and at least he knows what he did was wrong. He sort of reminds me of that drunk angry uncle, who gets racist when he starts drinking. Below Phil Anselmo has posted an apology video for his actions.