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Origin: Szczecin, Poland

Genre: Hardcore punk, Anarcho punk

Years active: 1987–present


Past members

For Sale 1991 (re-released in 1994)
Live 1993
Włochaty EP – 1993, MC – 1994, LP – 1995
Bank Światowy 1996
Wojna Przeciwko Ziemi 1996
Droga Oporu 1999
Zamiana Pieniędzy na Rebelię 2000
Zmowa 2000
Tryumf Anarchii nad Tyranią 2002
Dzień Gniewu 2004
Bunt i Miłość 2005
Wbrew wszystkiemu 2010


Włochaty (polish: “shaggy”) is a Polish hardcore punk band playing since 1987. The band comes from Szczecin and is one of the main anarcho punk representatives in country. Włochaty is highly criticised by most street punks for its radical left oriented lyrics[citation needed]. In 2008 Pauluss, and Kamil were removed from the band (acc. to Paulus) or left (acc. to Jeż). Most often reaction on Polish scene was “They started like Conflict and ended like Dead Kennedys”.

The first concert of the band took place in 1987 in Szczecin. At that time the band was playing under Włochaty Odkurzacz[1] (“The Shaggy Vacuum Cleaner”) name. Odkurzacz (“Vacuum Cleaner”) part of the name was dropped in 1990. The same year Pauluss joined the band and the group tried to appear on Jarocin festival, but without a success. The situation repeadted until 1993, when Włochaty finally got accepted by organisers. Meanwhile the first material For Sale was produced. Its recording was financed by the band and album was released in 100 copies.

In March 1994 Włochaty album was released by Silverton and For Sale by ABC Tapes. Włochaty material was re-released as LP in 1995. The same year band played two weeks tour in Germany together with Oi Polloi.

New EP Wojna Przeciwko Ziemi (“War Against The Earth”) was released in 1996. Year 1997 brought some personnel changes. Fagas[2] and Anka left the band and Filip joined it. New albums appeared in 1999 Droga Oporu (“Way of The Resistance”), 2000 Zamiana Pieniędzy na Rebelię (“Exchange of the Money into Rebellion”) and Zmowa (“Conspiracy”).

In 2001 Billy had his leg amputated, as a result of serious injury he suffered few years before. After a year break, the band returned with Tryumf Anarchii nad Tyranią (“Triumph of the Anarchy Over the Tyranny”) album, and with their first professional video. In 2003 “Wlochaty” went on the tour in France. A year later, in 2004 Dzień Gniewu (“The Day of the Rage”) album was released, followed by 2005 Bunt i Miłość (“Rebellion and Love”) album.