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Origin: Los Angeles, California

Genre: Hardcore punk

Years active: 1992–present

Edward R. Escoto
Baltazar Rodriguez
Cassie Jalilie
Eddie Carrasco

Past members
Ben Sandoval
Jerry Navarro
Rudy Ramo
Jose Merado
Louie Villareal

East Los Presents… (July, 1997) Epitaph Records
Why Are We Destroying Ourselves? (October, 1998) Epitaph Records
Youth, Betrayal and the Awakening (September, 2000) Epitaph Records
Symptoms of Humanity (November, 2003) Disaster Records
10 Years of Silence 7″ EP – (July, 2014) East Los Present Records
Give ‘Em the Boot – 1997 Hellcat Records
Punk-O-Rama Vol. 3 – 1998 Epitaph Records
Skaliente – 1998 Grita Records
Old Skars & upstarts – 1998 Disaster Records
Punk-O-Rama Vol. 4 – 1999 Epitaph Records
Punk-O-Rama Vol. 5 – 2000 Epitaph Records


Union 13 is a hardcore punk band from Boyle Heights, California, which began playing backyard parties in the early nineties. The intense energy of Union’s live show was so – incorporating elements of their Mexican-Central-American upbringing into the music as well as occasionally singing the odd song on all their albums in Spanish.

Union 13 attracted the attention of Brett Gurewitz, owner of the Epitaph Records label, who obtain one of their performances on a VHS tape and persuaded the band to record a demo at his Westbeach Recorders studio in Hollywood. Gurewitz later played the demo for Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen of Rancid who liked it so much that they jumped on board to help produce the bands Epitaph Records debut East Los Presents… (1997). Up to date Union 13 has released four full length albums – three on Epitaph Records and one on Disaster Records. Union 13 improved their musical act through relentless touring with bands such as Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bouncing Souls, 7 Seconds, U.S. Bombs, Guttermouth and H20 (on the first Punk O Rama tour), while also sharing the stage with Latin rock acts Molotov and Cafe Tacuba on the Watcha tour. Determined to keeping Union 13 moving forward longstanding band members Edward Escoto along with Baltazar Rodriguez have been joined by guitarist Eddie Carrasco and exciting new drummer Cassie Jalilie. The intensity created by the bands new set up has inspired Union 13 to once again begin writing new music. Moving forward Union 13 continues touring.