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Origin: Chicago, Illinois

Genre: Punk rock

Years active: 1990-1996, 1999, 2012-present

Joey Vindictive
Johnny Personality

Past members
Ben Weasel, Erik Elsewhere, Dr. Bob, Billy Blastoff, P.J. Parti, Angel Ledezma, Mike Byrne

The Vindictives 7″, V.M.L. Records, 1991
The Invisible Man, V.M.L. Records, 1991
Ugly American 7″, V.M.L. Records, 1992
Assembly Line 7″, V.M.L. Records, 1992
This Is My Face 7″, V.M.L. Records, 1993
Disturbia 7″, V.M.L. Records, 1993
Rocks In My Head 7″, V.M.L. Records, 1994
Seventeen b/w No Feelings 5″, Selfless Records/V.M.L. Records, 1994
Johnny Where Are You? b/w Eating Me Alive Picture Disk 7″, Lookout! Records/V.M.L. Records, 1995
Alarm Clocks b/w Left For Dead 7″, Lookout/V.M.L. Records, 1995
Pervert At Large b/w Sloppy Seconds Split 7″, V.M.L. Records, 1997
Nuttin’ for Christmas b/w Jingle Bells 7″, Stardumb Records, 2002
“Touch It” / “Nightmare Man” / “Joing the Circus” – Mono Flexi EP 7″, Sexy Baby Records, December 4, 2012
Studio albums[edit]
Partytime For Assholes 10″ – Double 10″ LP, Selfless Records, 1996 Reissue: Liberation Records 1998
Leave Home LP, Selfless Records, 1998
Hypno-Punko LP, Coldfront/V.M.L. Records, 1999
Muzak for Robots, TEAT, 2003 (instrumentals)
Unplugged, TEAT, 2003 (acoustic versions of old Vindictives songs)


The Vindictives are a Chicago-based punk rock group founded by singer/songwriter Joey Vindictive in 1990.[1]

They began their career in 1990, cutting their first 7″ record later that year with the lineup of Joey Vindictive (vocals), Johnny Personality (bass), Ben Weasel (guitar) (soon to be replaced by Billy Blastoff), Dr. Bob (guitar), and Erik Elsewhere (soon to be replaced by P.J. Parti) (drums). The band would end up releasing 12 EPs and albums until July 1996, when Joey Vindictive revealed that his health issues would prevent the band from going on.[2]

Guitarist Robert “Dr. Bob” Nielson died of a heroin overdose on February 22, 2003.[3] After Dr. Bob’s death, The Vindictives released a pair of records containing material previously unavailable on CD and two new re-recordings; Muzak for Robots which was quirky electronic instrumental versions of their songs and Unplugged soft and toned-down acoustic versions of their works.

In 2004 Billy Blastoff left the Vindictives of his own accord took a year off music joined Lucky Savage in Chicago, Il as their drummer eventually forming the Gornys and switching over to bass in 2005 eventually renamed the John Doh’s in 2010 and currently on hiatus.

In 2006, Shot Baker and Vacation Bible School released a limited edition of 500 pressing Split 7″ on Chicago’s Underground Communique Records featuring The Vindictives’ “Future Homemakers of America”, “Glad to Be”, “Assembly Line”, and “Automoton”.[4]

In 2006, Joey Vindictive and Johnny Personality started to demo material under Joey Vindictive & The Personality Crisis. The two performed under the name Faerie Wunderpuss, releasing a split 12″ LP with Chicago’s own Alla, an experimental heavy rock psychedelia band, and is said to be in the vein of Queens of the Stone Age.

In additional to possible new material surfacing, Joey Vindictive launched a new theatre art program called The 1901 Gallery Theatre with wife, Jenny, and band mate, Johnny Personality.[5]

In 2011 Billy Blastoff joined Magatha Trysty a culmination of power pop and punk rock sensibility as Bass player.[6]

In 2011, Joey Vindictive revamped the official website at www.vindictivesmusic.com allowing any user to download all previous released, as well unreleased material, of the Vindictives, free as long as you become a registered user on the website’s Forum.[7]

The Vindictives’ song “The Invisible Man” was covered by Ghoti Hook on their cover album Songs We Didn’t Write.

The Vindictives’ song “In the Corner” was covered by Apocalypse Hoboken on their Inverse, Reverse, Perverse.

The Vindictives released their first new material in 13 years on December 4, 2012, with an EP titled “Mono Flexi”.[8][9]

The Vindictives (Joey Vindictive, Johnny Personality and guest musicians) digitally released a Halloween tribute to Vincent Price, JERK-O-LANTERN, titled “Triskaidekophobia” which means “The fear of the #13” and features 13 songs recorded on Friday the 13th, 2013 and is a total of 13 minutes and 13 seconds in length. The band is currently working on their first new full length in almost 15 years: “F*CKUNICORN” – featuring 14 brand new original songs by The Vindictives, with cover art by Chicago artist Jeremy Scheuch that features a rainbow unicorn giving the bird.