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Origin: San Francisco, California

Genre: Punk rock

Years active: 1999-…

Seth Lorinczi
Julianna Bright
Jen Smith

We Are the Quails (Inconvenient Press & Recordings, 2001)[4]
Atmosphere (Inconvenient, 2002)[5][6]
The Song Is Love (Mr. Lady Records, 2003)[7]


The Quails was a punk band from San Francisco, California. The band was formed in 1999 by Seth Lorinczi, formerly of Circus Lupus, and have released three albums, the second of which, Atmosphere (2002), was praised for its “strangeness” and “artistic value” by Kerry L. Smith in Rolling Stone magazine.

After the band broke up, Lorinczi and Bright formed The Golden Bears, whose debut Wall To Wall is to be released on Amore!Phonics.