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Origin: Connecticut, United States

Genre: Hardcore punk, punk rock

Years active: 1992–1996

Al Ouimet (vocals, bass)
Bill Chamberlain (guitar)
Rick Abbott (bass)
Brian Marshall (drums)
Past members Greg Bennick (drums)

Split demo w/TSS & Brutally Familiar (1993, Eugene Records)
Full lengths[edit]
Ideas Are Bulletproof LP (1995, Elevator Music)
Destroy Society 7″ (1993, Eugene Records)
Split 7″ w/Malachi Krunch (1994, Eugene Records)
Split 7″ w/Brutally Familiar (1994, Six Weeks Records)
Split 7″ w/Against All Authority (1996, Record of Rebellion)
Split 7″ w/Half Empty (1996, New Disorder Records)
Live In Arkansas (2002, self-released)
Live At WNYU (2002, self-released)
Live At WRIU (2002, self-released)
Live In Chicago (2002, self-released)
Punk USA (1994, Lookout! Records)
Pestilence 7″ Box Set (1994, Wiggy Records)
Pogo Attack (1994, Pogo Punk Records)
Start a Riot (1995, Clean Plate Records)
Satisfaction Guaranteed (1996, Nawpost)
Stealing the Pocket (1996, Positively Punk)
Live at Gunpoint (release date unknown, Anok & Peace)
Live at the Boathouse (1999, TPOS)


The Pist was an American hardcore punk band that was formed in Connecticut in the winter of 1992 by Al Ouimet on vocals and bass, Bill Chamberlain on guitar, and Greg Bennick on drums. They were a popular band in the DIY punk scene of the 1990s. After a few lineup changes, the band eventually solidified as Al on vocals, Bill on guitar, Brian Marshall on drums and Rick Abbott on bass. The band toured the U.S. four times in the ensuing years and broke up in 1996.

While they were around they played shows with the likes of Aus-Rotten, Blanks 77, The Bouncing Souls, Capitalist Casualties, Los Crudos, and the Voodoo Glow Skulls.

In 2002, The Pist reformed to play two reunion shows with The Unseen when the New Haven, Connecticut club the Tune Inn closed. Members remain active in the punk scene in bands like Caustic Christ and Behind Enemy Lines (Bill) and God’s Left Hand and The Deacons (Al). A reissue of their LP and a compilation of all of their non-LP releases was released on Havoc Records, and the band will marked the release of their discography by reuniting to play a series of reunion shows in summer 2007.