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Origin: Finland

Genre: Hardcore punk

Years active: 1980-present

Current Line-Up
Veli-Matti “Läjä” Äijälä – vocals, lyrics (1980–present)
Ilari – guitar (2006–present)
Jani – bass (2011–present)
Aki – drums (2011-–present)
Past members[edit]
Walde (1983–1984, died in 1984)
Tilli (1984–2000)
Luttinen (2000–2006)
Peedro – drums (1980–1983, 2006–2011)
Piäsky (1980–1989)
Kähkönen (1989–1990)
Lene (1990–1998, 2006-2011)
Puksu (1998–2006)
Tiimo Viik (1980–1985)
Weega (1985–1986)
A. W. Yrjänä (1986–1988)
Lene (2000–2006)
Maike (1989–2006)

Singles and EPs[edit]
Rock laahausta vastaan (Ikbal 003, 1980)
II (Ikbal 004, 1981)
Ääretön joulu (Poko/Kädet 105, 1982)
Kädet Suojelee (1983)
Oma koloni (1988)
Anno Domini (1989)
Live Kemi 1982 (1989)
Unkind (1990)
Message (Kill City/Propaganda, 1990)
Six Song (HCR, 1991)
Slow Promotion (Mad Rat, 1991)
Bizarre Domination (1992)
The Horse (A.A.R., 1994)
Pahan voima (A.A.R., 1995)
Bondage And Anguished Life (Healthy Hands Records, 1995)
Studio albums[edit]
Terveet Kädet (LP, Propaganda Records, 1983)
Halloween (LP, re-issue of “I” Rock-O-Rama/Germany, 1983)
Black God (LP, Propaganda/R-O-R licence Germany), 1984)
The Horse (LP, 1985; Power It Up, 2006)
Sign of the cross (CD, A.A.R., 1995)
Doomed Alien Race (CD, A.A.R., 1997)
The Ultimate Pain (CD, Solardisk, 1999)
Non Ultra Descriptica (CD, Solardisk, 2000)
Ihmisen poika, pedon poika (CD, Longplay Music/Kämäset levyt, 2009)
Musta hetki (CD & LP, Longplay Music 2012)
Lapin helvetti (CD & LP, Svart Records / SPHC 2015)
Live albums[edit]
Leather Enslavement (LP, Klayster Records, 1998)
Pissaa ja paskaa (CD, Propaganda Records PRO 2026, 2006)
UGH!!! Terveet Kädet elävänä (CD & LP, Longplay Music 2012)
Compilation albums[edit]
Yalta Hi-Life (LP, 1984, with Varaus, Äpärät, Aivoproteesi, Kaaos, Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio)
PROPAGANDA (LP, Kill City/Propaganda, 1991)
Hardcore Brutality (CD, Grand Theft Audio, 1996)
Kumia Ja Verta – 1987 Kokoelma (CD, Alternative Action, 1996)
Ääretön Propaganda (CD, Propaganda Records PRO 2001, 1999)
Onnellisia Kytkentöjä 1980-2000 (CD, Solardisk, 2002)
Deep Wounds (CD, Usina De Sangue Records, 2002)
Ääretön Propaganda (LP & bonus-EP, Propaganda Records/Höhnie Records, 2007)


Terveet Kädet are a Finnish hardcore punk band, the first in Finland.[citation needed] The group was founded in Tornio in January 1980. They have had a major influence on bands from all over the world, especially in Brazil (which some have claimed was because of a member from the leading band Olho Seco and his enthusiasm/connections to that country’s scene).[citation needed] Max Cavalera of Sepultura and Soulfly has mentioned Terveet Kädet as one of his all-time favourite bands.[1]

The band’s line-up has changed several times, and the singer Veli-Matti “Läjä” Äijälä is the only original member left.

The name “Terveet Kädet” means “Healthy Hands”.