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Origin: Japan

Genre: Punk rock

Years active: 1999-present


2000.5.4 Shimokitazawa Rooftop (Released 8/18/2000)
Stance Punks (Released 8/21/2001)
Let It Roll (Released 7/7/2004)
Howling Idol (Shine Nakatta Dengeki Yarou) (Released 7/20/2005)
Bubblegum Viking (Released 11/152006)
Bomp! Bomp! Bomp! (Released 3/5/2008)
Peace And Destroy (Released 12/10/2008)
The World Is Mine (Released 02/03/2010)
STANCE PUNKS MANIA 1998-2012 (Released 06/05/2013)
Stance Punks (Released 10/26/2001)
Kusottare Kaihouku (Released 4/10/2002)
Saitei Saikou 999/Zassou no Hana (Released 6/11/2003)
Lost Boy’s March (Released 5/5/2004)
19roll (Released 6/9/2004)
Mony Mony Mony (Released 3/24/2005)
No Boy, No Cry (Released 6/8/2005)
Sheryl wa Blue (Released 5/24/2006)
Let It Rock (Released 8/2/2006)
I Wanna Be (Released 6/4/2008)
Stay Young (Released 11/05/2011)
Video and DVD[edit]
Ichigeki Hissatsu (6/11/2003) PV/DV mania! (12/7/2005) 10th Anniversary Live One Man (3/9/2008)


Stance Punks are a Japanese punk rock band, formed in 1999. The band gained fame through their performances at a rooftop live-venue in Shimokitazawa.
Stance Punks’ name spread overseas when their song “Mayonaka Shounen Totsugekidan” was used as the ending theme song for the movie Battle Royale 2. Their song “No Boy No Cry” has been used as the opening theme song for the anime Naruto and the song “I Wanna Be” was used as the ending theme song for the anime Soul Eater. As of 2005, the band has signed with Sony Epic’s label called “Kowalski Records” under which the single “Mony Mony Mony” was released.
Critics often cite similarities between them and The Blue Hearts, an immensely popular punk band with a very similar style of music.
The band recently performed a 5-hour long “Naruto Tribute” broadcast from a popular Kyoto radio station.
Band members include:
Tsuru (Vocals)
Kinya (Guitar)
Tetsushi (Bassist)
Kenichi (Drums)