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Origin: New York

Genre: Youth crew, Punk rock

Years active: 1987, 1988

Jules Masse, vocalist, who also sang in Alone in a Crowd
Sam Siegler on drums, who also played in Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Civ, Judge, and Rival Schools
Eric Fink on lead guitar, who also played in Gorilla Biscuits, Uppercut and Bloodline from Minneapolis.
Brian Clark on bass who was also in Mr. Clean an early straight edge band from Brooklyn
AKA – Billy Sidebyside, Billy Clean, Big Billy Bitter
Alex Brown on rhythm guitar, who also played in Gorilla Biscuits. Alex is notable for putting out Schizm ‘Zine, a notable zine in hardcore history.

You’re Only Young Once… 7″ (Revelation Records 005, 1988)


Side By Side was an American hardcore punk band on Revelation Records. They were a band from NY of youth crew persuasion. Recorded output was limited to a single 7″, You’re Only Young Once… Their 7″ was the fifth record released by Revelation Records.