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Origin: New York, New York

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Years active: 1991–2001

Ray Cappo,
Graham Land,
Dave Ware,
Todd Knapp,
Tom Capone,
William Knapp,
Chris Interrante,
Eric Dailey,
Vic DiCara,
John Porcelly,
Dave DiCenso,
Adam Blake,
Franklin Rhi,
Mackie Jayson,
Roy Mayorga,
Trey Files,
Daniel Johansson,
Kim Shopav,
Ken Olden,
Conor Adam Logan,
Tyler Lawrence,
Matt Malouin,
Bryan K. Christner,
Sammy Dirksz,
Perry Poldervaart,
Cesco Willemse,
Edwin Verhiest,
Jamie Whitehead,
Marc Hoogenboom,
Antonio Valladares,
Mike White,
Tim Brooks

No Compromise 7″ (Equal Vision, 1990)
Perfection of Desire (Revelation, 1990)
In Defense of Reality 7″ (Equal Vision, 1991)
Quest For Certainty (Equal Vision/De Milo Records, 1992)
Attaining The Supreme (Equal Vision, 1993, EVR7)
Shelter Bhajan (Cassette) (Equal Vision, 1993)
Standard Temple (Cassette) (Equal Vision)
Mantra (Roadrunner, 1995)
Here We Go” (12″/CD single) (Roadrunner, 1995)
Message of the Bhagavat 7″ (Supersoul, 1995)
Whole Wide World (CD single) (Roadrunner, 1997)
Beyond Planet Earth (Roadrunner, 1997)
Quest For Certainty (CD Re-issue) (Revelation, 1998)
Chanting & Meditations (Krishna Core, 1998)
When 20 Summers Pass (Victory, 2000)
The Purpose, The Passion (Supersoul, 2001)
Eternal (Good Life Recordings, 2006)


Shelter is a Hare Krishna Melodic hardcore/Pop punk band formed by Ray Cappo.[1] Because of the usual Hare Krishna and Hindu-oriented messages in its lyrics, Shelter’s genre is often dubbed krishnacore.

In 2001, the band released the album The Purpose, The Passion. In 2002, with a new drummer and a new guitarist, the band toured Europe and the eastern United States again in support of The Purpose, The Passion before going on extended hiatus.[4]
In 2005, Ray Cappo recorded a new 11-track album entitled Eternal with 10 new songs and a re-make of “In Defense of Reality.” Eternal was released in May 2006 by Good Life Recordings. Ray also did a European tour with a few members of Dutch hardcore bands functioning as the band.[5]
Shelter played 2 “Reunion” shows in 2011: Göteborg, Sweden on 16 June and Reading, PA on Sunday, 26 June.
The line-up for the Reunion shows were:
Vox – Ray Cappo
Guitar – Porcell
Guitar – Daniel Larsson
Bass – Tim Brooks
Drums – Vinny Panza