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Origin: Austin, Texas

Genre: Crust punk

Years active: 1999-?

Jack Control
Todd Burdette
Kelly Halliburton
Chris Pfeffer

1999 – One-sided S/T 12″ (Lengua Armada)
2000 – S/T 7″ (Ebullition) (sometimes referred to as Jedem Das Seine)
2000 – Black Blood World 7″ (Malarie)
2000 – S/T 7″ (Communichaos)
2000 – An Invitation To A Beheading: 1998–2001 Discography CD (Ebullition)
2002 – No Love Lost 7″/CD-EP (Ebullition)
2003 – Anathema Device LP/CD (Hardcore Holocaust)[2]
2004 – Charge Ahead 7″ (La Vida Es Unmus)
2005 – Fucking Butchery 7″ 2005 (Hardcore Holocaust)
2005 – Fucking Butchery/Charge Ahead CD (with 11 song live set included for CD issue) (Desobedencia)
2007 – Power Hazard EP/CD (Havoc)


Severed Head of State is a Crust punk band with members split between Austin, Texas & Portland, Oregon. Band members play in other bands such as World Burns To Death, J Church, Tragedy, Warcry, Defiance. Their lyrics usually focus on deep detestation of both human nature and the Christian belief system. Their sound ranges from slow melodies to furious thrashcore. Vocalist Jack Control was stabbed in the midsection late January 2006, with the blow just missing the heart by inches.