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Origin: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Genre: Punk rock, Reggae

Years active: 2005–2013

Greg Taylor
Ben Rispin
Matt Richmond
Greg Fisher
Jon Laurin
Adam Michael

The Saint Alvia Cartel – 4 song demo (2006 – Self Released)
The Saint Alvia Cartel (2007 – Stomp Records)
Between The Lines (2008 – Stomp Records)
Jonxer 7 inch (2010 – Paper and Plastic)
Static Psalms (2013 – Divergent Recordings)
Borrowed Tunes – A Neil Young Tribute (Thrasher)
Juiceboxdotcom.com compilation – Don’t Wanna Wait Forever ( Phil B’s Sunshine Remix)

Don’t Wanna Wait Forever
Time To Go
Blonde Kryptonite
Between The Lines
Walk Before You Run DMC
Mothers Day
Define Me


Saint Alvia, formerly The Saint Alvia Cartel,[1] was a band formed in 2005 from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The band was nominated for a Juno Award for Rock Album of the Year at the 2008 Juno Awards.

Saint Alvia was formed by Rob Pasalic (formerly of Boys Night Out) and Greg Taylor (formerly of Jersey (band), Grade (band)). The band is named after Ernest Alvia Smith, Canada’s last living recipient of the Victoria Cross for valor in WWII. [2] Although their roots are in punk rock, the band also draws inspiration from other genres as roots, rock and roll, blues, soul, dancehall reggae, country, new wave and hip hop. After recording and releasing a couple demo tracks via MySpace in 2006, they were picked up by Montreal’s Stomp Records, who released their self-titled debut in May. The lead single “Don’t Wanna Wait Forever” was released in the summer of 2007 and went into the Top 20 For Modern Rock Radio in Canada.

The band followed the 2007 release with 2008’s critically acclaimed Between the Lines. The Band is set to release their latest Record Static Psalms Co produced by Greg Taylor and Greig Nori.

Saint Alvia played their final show on 8th December 2013.