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Origin: Ostend, Belgium

Genre: Punk rock

Years active: 1981-2012

“Alone” / “Neon Light” (1981)
Thousand Years / Unwanted Son (1982)
Into The Future/1982 track on humo/Rock Rally album
Neonlight op Bloodstains across Belgium 1998
Neonlight op Bloodstains across Belgium 1998
Belgium bloodstains across europ 1998
Thousand Years from you/Neonlight CD 2005
Moonlight Crow aka Revenge 88
Pussy/crazy bitch 1990
when the storm is over/heaven and hell 1990
2005 live and more unofficial bootleg DVD
2005 As high as low can be-compilation bootleg DVD
2012 Revenge 88-Sister Claw/59 to Devilsgate


Revenge 88 was a Belgian band based in Ostend formed by some of the members of the band Stagebeast. The band recorded two singles in 1981, and another song was released on a compilation album. The band is also featured on the KBD compilations. Despite the “88” in their name the band has no national-socialistic ideologies. Revenge 88 released a new record in 2012.[1]