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Origin: San Diego, California

Genre: Hardcore punk

Years active: 2001-?

David Kennedy
Aaron Cooley
Scott Lopian

No Runners 2001 EP Indecision Records
Rusty Medals and Broken Badges 2001 First album Indecision Records
Sink or Swim 2003 Second album Takeover/Indecision
Death Threat/Over My Dead Body


Over My Dead Body was a straight edge hardcore punk band from San Diego that featured former members from Built To Last, Forced Life, Palpatine, Four Walls Falling and Unbroken. David Kennedy of Box Car Racer, Hazen Street and Angels & Airwaves fame was also in the band for a short period between replacing full-time members, but ultimately left, due to commitments regarding Box Car Racer. Along with Aaron Cooley, and Scott Lopian, Kennedy added to the Built To Last alumni. They released 3 albums, a split with Death Threat, numerous demo recordings, and were included on 2 compilations.