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Origin: North Hollywood, California

Genre: Powerviolence

Years active: 1987-1993

1989: Common Senseless 7″
1992: Downsided 7″
1994: No Comment 7″
1999: 87-93 CD / LP (Entire Discography)


No Comment were an American powerviolence band from North Hollywood, California, active from 1987 to 1993.

Along with other powerviolence bands such as Crossed Out, Capitalist Casualties and Man Is The Bastard, No Comment were influential in what was known to become the “West Coast powerviolence” scene for their aggressive musical and conceptual take on the hardcore punk genre. The band’s vocalist, Andrew Beattie, confessed to liking both the metal and hardcore genres while hating crossover bands such as D.R.I. and Discharge, which combined the two styles. Beattie stated his band “just wanted to show that ‘Hardcore’ was still alive yet there was no real ‘scene’.”[2]

Powerviolence according to Spazz bassist/vocalist, Chris Dodge, (who was behind the scene’s main label Slap-a-Ham Records) peaked in the mid – 90s, around the time No Comment released their celebrated EP Downsided on Slap-a-Ham. XLR8R described Downsided as “a definitive document of powerviolence’s beyond-tantrum aggression”.[2] Music metadata database Rate Your Music ranked Downsided No. 7/1000 favorite EPs released in 1992, and No. 255/5000 favorite EPs of all time at a rating of 3.74/5 from 207 ratings.[3]

Break up[edit]
No Comment disbanded in 1993 and Beattie went on to pursue other music projects[4] but some unreleased studio and live recordings were released after this time.[5]