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Origin: Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Ska punk
Hardcore punk
Crust punk
Death metal
street punk

Years active: 1999-2003

Big C
The Fang
Arms Of Fury

Summertime in the City (Split)


No-Cash was an American punk rock band that formed in 1999. No-Cash consisted of four members that were as follows: Big C (also known as Chris Cash) on lead vocals and guitar, Judd (lead guitar), The Fang (bass guitar), and Arms Of Fury (drums). The latter three also performed backing vocals and have all adopted stage names as shown. Despite constantly being compared to the Crack Rock Steady Seven and especially Leftover Crack due to musical and lyrical similarities, No-Cash originated in Pennsylvania rather than New York and as such had its own unique members. In 2005, No-Cash disbanded due to “differences within the band” – their website went down and no further explanation was ever given.

No-Cash was formed in 1999 in Nazareth, Pennsylvania under Big C, No-Cash’s frontman and guitarist. The band began playing locally and soon attracted the attention of the nearby Crack Rock Steady scene in NYC. No-Cash gained even more popularity after releasing a split with Team Spider entitled Summertime In The City. This split was produced by Stza of Leftover Crack. In 2003, the band released their first (and only) full length album under VMS records, entitled Run Your Pockets.
That same year, the band broke up under uncertain circumstances. Big C then switched his stage name to MC Devlin and formed a reggae/hip-hop band called The Mad Conductor with producer Dan McKinney, who worked with the band on their split album with Team Spider.

Even though No-Cash had a very short run, the music they have released is still widely celebrated in the punk community and especially by fans of the Crack Rock Steady Seven. Based in industrial Nazareth, Pennsylvania, No-Cash was able to send a direct message through their lyrics to those living in hostile environments and create an understanding. Much like bands coming from the Crack Rock Steady Seven, lyrical topics were anti-racism, anti-religion, anti-authority, etc. but sometimes even covered topics such as domesticity and education since during the band’s run all the members were high school age.

Guitarist Judd
Big C’s bandmates in No-Cash have always been somewhat mysterious. Aside from their stage names and instruments, their information (real names, whereabouts, current projects, etc.) is not readily available on the internet. There are many people who are actively searching for information about Judd, The Fang and Arms of Fury, in order to know if they have joined/made other bands or whatever else may have become of them.
In regards to the band ever getting back together, Big C gave a long message to one of No-Cash’s tribute Myspace pages that started with this statement –
“First off, this band will never get back together and I don’t run this page. I haven’t even spoken with the other 3 guys since our 2003 demise. “
Worthy of note is Big C’s mentioning 2003 to be No-Cash’s demise. Having since moved from the Nazareth, PA area, Big C, now known as MC Devlin, is the frontman for The Mad Conductor.