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Origin: Santa Ana, California

Genre: Punk rock, Hardcore punk

Years active: 1977–1982, 2010, 2011

Mike Atta
Jeff Atta
Bruce Atta
Matt Simon

Out of Vogue EP (1978)
“Scavenged Luxury” 7″ (1980)
Homeland (1982)
Blueprint for Joy (compilation, 1979)


The Middle Class were an American punk rock/hardcore punk band established in 1977 in Santa Ana, California. The band consisted of Jeff Atta on vocals, Mike Atta on lead guitar, Mike Patton on bass, and Bruce Atta on drums. The band achieved success in the hardcore punk scene of Southern California. Their first shows were in 1978 in various Los Angeles clubs and ballrooms.

Michael John “Mike” Atta died of kidney and lung cancer, on April 20, 2014, aged 53.[1]