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Band name: 7 Seconds

Origin: Reno, Nevada, USA

Genre: Hardcore, Youth Crew

Years Active: 1980-present

Kevin Seconds
Steve Youth
Troy Mowat
Bobby Adams
Past Members:
Tom Munist
Dim Menace
Jim Diederichsen
Alan White
Tony Toxic
Dan Pozniak
Ron Doig
Belvy K
Spiz Hughes
Josef Bansuelo
Chris Carnahan
Bobby Jordan

Drastic Measures (cassette), 1980
Socially Fucked Up (cassette), 1981
Three Chord Politics (cassette), 1981

Skins, Brains and Guts (Alternative Tentacles, 1982)
Committed For Life (Squirtdown, 1983)
Blasts From the Past (Positive Force, 1985)
1980 Reissue (Official Bootleg, 1991)
Happy Rain/Naked (Eating Blur, 1993)
Split With Kill Your Idols (SideOneDummy, 2004)


United We Stand (Aborted and later Re-issued as ‘Old School’ – Headhunter Records/Cargo Records, 1983)
The Crew (BYO, 1984)
Walk Together, Rock Together (Positive Force/BYO, 1985)
New Wind (Positive Force/BYO, 1986)
Praise [four-song EP] (Positive Force/BYO, 1986)
Live! One Plus One (Positive Force/Giant, 1987)
Ourselves (Restless, 1988)
Soulforce Revolution (Restless, 1989); #153 on the 1989 Billboard 200
Old School (Headhunter/Cargo, 1991)
Out the Shizzy (Headhunter/Cargo, 1993)
alt.music.hardcore (Headhunter/Cargo, 1995)
The Music, The Message (Sony/BMI, 1995)
Good To Go (SideOneDummy, 1999)
Scream Real Loud…Live! (SideOneDummy, 2000)
Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over! (SideOneDummy, 2005)

Not So Quiet On The Western Front (MRR/Alternative Tentacles, 1982)
We Got Power: Party Or Go Home (Mystic, 1983)
Something To Believe In (BYO, 1984)
Nuke Your Dink (Positive Force, 1984)
Cleanse The Bacteria (Pusmort, 1985)
Another Shot For Bracken (Positive Force, 1986)
Four Bands That Could Change The World (Gasatanka, 1987)
Flipside Vinyl Fanzine, vol. 3 (Flipside, 1987)
Human Polity (One World Communications, 1993)
The Song Retains The Name, vol. 2 (Safe House, 1993)
Ten Years Later (Bossa Nova, 1997)
Short Music For Short People (Fat Wreck Chords, 1999)
Old School Punk Vol.1 (Walk Together, Rock Together)

References: http://originalsevenseconds.com/
Band site: www.myspace.com/7seconds


“I’m a bit out of touch with the newer Straight Edge scene so I can’t comment too much on it, but being drug/alcohol/abuse-free, I certainly have no problems with people taking control of their lives and not letting stuff like drugs and booze run it for them, but I do have problems with people who try and change other people’s lives in a militant fashion.”

Videos: Live in Tampa, Florida, 1986