If anyone has deep insight into what punk rock was and what punk rock has become, it’s Jello Biafra, former lead singer of the influential San Francisco based punk band Dead Kennedys. A long with Joey Ramone, Glenn Danzig, and other punk rock giants, Jello Biafra has helped create some of the most incendiary and lasting punk rock of all time.

In this sit-down interview, Jello Biafra is as candid as ever. And whether you agree with him or not, it’s definitely an interesting interview. He says such things as:

  • Even the Butthole Surfers think he’s a weird guy.
  • Punk should die, so that it can be reborn again.
  • He believes punk will always exist in some format.
  • Punk is no longer about how you dress, boy bands look like punk rockers now.
  • He’s losing money with his Alternative Tentacles record label.
  • He’s proud of what he accomplished with the Dead Kennedys, but hates what it has become.

Entire video can be watched below.