While punk rock is commonly known in the United States and the United Kingdom, it has been noted to be growing in Jakarta, Indonesia. The reasons appear to be similar to why punk rock grew in England and the United States, which is the population growing tired and rebellious against feelings of oppression and hegemony.

A documentary called “Jalanan” has gone one step further, in following the lives and travails of street, or bus musicians in Indonesia, who play their music on the streets and buses of Jakarta. Punk rock, as loose of a term as that has become, has become immensely powerful as a vehicle for youths and disenfranchised people from all around the world to find a form of expression. From the fashion, to the music, to the message of being self-reliant, free-thinking, and DIY, punk rock has greatly touched the youth of Jakarta, Indonesia, to the point where the entire world is taking notice.

One character from the Jalanan documentary notes that he can’t find any job at all, and feels like being a street musician is a more honest way to make a living than doing anything else. One interesting difference to note, is that most punk rockers in Indonesia are Muslim, and play under an oppressive government that really wants to eradicate them. The Jalanan documentary has received much acclaim, for honestly portraying the reality of a musician’s life in Jalanan.

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