Despite vowing to never embark on a full-scale tour again, Glenn Danzig remains remarkably active, which is awesome for people who recognize his legendary musical achievements and talents. His latest booking is at Pantera lead singer Phil Anselmo’s pet project, Housecore Horror Festival in Austin, Texas. Only a couple years old, the Housecore Horror Festival was borne out of Phil Anselmo’s undying love for H.P. Lovecraft, B-film horror movies, and the macabre.

When he first launched the festival, he said he would only continue it if he considered it a success, and it appears like it was successful enough for Phil Anselmo to stage it once again in late October of this year. Anselmo also notes that him and Glenn Danzig have a long history together, with Danzig being a cool guy who has acted like a mentor to him. So, hopefully, this means that Danzig’s performance will go smoother than some of his other live performance controversies.