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You Can Now Listen To New Tracks From Rancid’s “Honor Is All We Know”


Rancid has released a video that features tracks from their eagerly-awaited new album “Honor Is All We Know.” You can listen to it below. It’s hard to be too critical of Rancid, because it’s like a dearly missed friend returning. But, overall, I like it and it has the catchiness that Rancid is known for. What do you think?

Rancid FINALLY Reveals Cover Art And Tracklist For New Album “Honor Is All We Know”

Tiffany HAgler Photography copyright 2006

Rancid is one of the most influential and popular punk bands to exist in recent times. Greatly influenced by The Clash and the Ramones, they nonetheless managed to forge new ground with songs like “Ruby Soho.” Lead singer Tim Armstrong has emerged as a singular force in the punk world, starting Hellcat Records and nurturing new punk talent like The Interrupters and at one time The Distillers. In short, Tim Armstrong and Rancid have helped keep punk alive – and above ground – not just in the memories and history books of a bygone era. Punk fans have grown to love and respect Armstrong as a true pioneer of punk.

While Tim Armstrong has been so busy with his behind the scenes work, it seemed like he had put his own band Rancid almost permanently on the backburner. There have been rumblings that Rancid’s new album “Honor Is All We Know” was set to be released in June 2014, but June came and went without a stir. Music insiders claimed that he was so busy with helping other artists release their work, the Rancid album had been put on the backburner yet again.

So, finally, and with great anticipation Rancid has released the artwork for their new album and the tracklist. They both can be viewed below. The artwork is well, ehhhh, sort of underwhelming. But it’s about the music and not the artwork, so hopefully Rancid was too busy pumping out great music to worry about the artwork. So here’s to hoping that Rancid will help breathe some much needed life and energy into the current punk scene!

Descendents Working On New Album


The Descendents have already solidified themselves as one of the greats in punk rock history, directly influencing mega-popular bands like Green Day and Blink-182. And in exciting news, the band is apparently waking themselves out of hibernation to record a new album, which might be released sometimes next year. They are touring again, and if their new album comes anywhere new their hits like “Bikeage” or “Silly Girl” fans are in for a treat.

Danzig Set To Play Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Festival


Despite vowing to never embark on a full-scale tour again, Glenn Danzig remains remarkably active, which is awesome for people who recognize his legendary musical achievements and talents. His latest booking is at Pantera lead singer Phil Anselmo’s pet project, Housecore Horror Festival in Austin, Texas. Only a couple years old, the Housecore Horror Festival was borne out of Phil Anselmo’s undying love for H.P. Lovecraft, B-film horror movies, and the macabre.

When he first launched the festival, he said he would only continue it if he considered it a success, and it appears like it was successful enough for Phil Anselmo to stage it once again in late October of this year. Anselmo also notes that him and Glenn Danzig have a long history together, with Danzig being a cool guy who has acted like a mentor to him. So, hopefully, this means that Danzig’s performance will go smoother than some of his other live performance controversies.

Corrosion of Conformity Has Posted A Free Stream Of Their New Album “IX” On SoundCloud


Corrosion of Conformity is the well-regarded heavy metal/hardcore punk band and are releasing their new album IX in a free stream on SoundCloud. Active since 1982, Corrosion of Conformity may qualify for legendary status. And their new album IX will only help, it sounds great. They are definitely still rocking. Listen to the stream below:

IX SoundCloud Stream