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Video Tutorial On How To Create A Mohawk


The originators of the Mohawk are the Mohican indians, but the hairstyle is now best known as a symbol of punk rock culture. Below is a fun tutorial on how to create a mohawk. The first seven minutes appear to be a guy just mixing all the ingredients needed to make the hairstyle stay, so you might want to skip over that. But the second half shows the entire process of creating a mohawk by a bunch of living, breathing punks, and not just youtube fashion gurus doing a hairstyle of the day. One other thing to note about mohawks, is that creating a good one is hard work!

Kat Von D Says Punk Rock Inspired Her Career, Has A Tattoo Of The Misfits


Kat Von D might be the most famous tattoo artist in the world, a tabloid celebrity, besides formerly being a star of the reality show “L.A. Ink.” She’s come a long way from just being a punk rock kid who liked to draw on herself and other people, becoming a million dollar selling brand, with her own makeup line with Sephora. In Kat Von D’s own words, she says:

“Hanging out with the punk rock crowd led me to the punk-rock scene, and I’d been drawing since I was a little kid, so tattooing was something that felt natural.”

She’s always loved music, and has tattoos of many hard rock bands all over her body, including the Misfits, Metallica, and Slayer. She started listening to punk rock as a pre-teen and is a particular fan of the Misfits and the Ramones. Kat Von D’s popularity shows how mainstream tattoos and elements of punk rock culture have become.

The Iconic Johnny Rotten Destroy Shirt


Famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood once dated and lived with Malcom McLaren, who helped found and name The Sex Pistols. Malcom McLaren is also a visual artist himself, so it’s little surprise that The Sex Pistols became so influential on the fashion world.

One of the most lasting fashions that The Sex Pistols created, was the Johnny Rotten Destroy Shirt, which encapsulated all the visceral energy of the collage-like aesthetic that The Sex Pistols created. Like The Ramones, The Sex Pistols still appeal to people of all ages, and their logo and artwork is used to sell all kinds of merchandise.

Cherry Dollface Is A Punk Rock YouTube Star


Punk rock may have their own Jenna Marbles, in the YouTube personality of Cherry Dollface. In the modern age of social media, rockabilly-influenced Cherry Dollface is able to bring her punk rock fashion and makeup tutorials to people all over the world.

Cherry Dollface is a heavily-tatooed Hollywood-based pinup model who has said that she was astonished by the response she received when she first started posting videos. Below she gives a tutorial on how to dress rockabilly style.

Urban Outfitters Releases A Punk Rock Jacket For $375


At one time punk rock wasn’t even considered cool, punk rockers were considered the absolute bottom-feeders of society. But, now, apparently, punk rock is considered cool, at least according to Urban Outfitters, the go-to shop for every hipster girl and boy.

They have released a “punk rock” leather jacket, complete with crudely drawn logos of various punk bands on the back, including The Sex Pistols, the Clash, and surprisingly… anarcho-punk band Crass. While the average kid shopping at Urban Outfitters may know who The Sex Pistols and the Clash were, they most likely are not going to know who Crass were, one of the most outspoken anarcho-punk bands from the UK, or the idealogies that powered the controversial band.

And the kicker? The jacket sells for three hundred seventy five dollars, an amount that no self-respecting punk would pay for a jacket they could make for fifteen bucks by going to a thrift store and breaking out some sharpies.