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June, 2014

Song of the Day “Sell Out” by Reel Big Fish


Sell Out

well, I know you can’t work in fast food all your life
but don’t sign that paper tonight, she said,
but it’s too late.

And I don’t remember what I read,
don’t remember what they said,
I guess it doesn’t matter,
I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

you’re gonna go to the record store
you’re gonna give ’em all your money
radio plays what they want you to hear
they tell me it’s cool but I just don’t believe it…

sell out, with me oh yea, sell out, with me tonight
record company’s gonna give me lots of money
and everything’s gonna be (all right).

no more flippin’ burgers puttin’ on my silly hat
you know I don’t want that no more,
And I didn’t ask when we’d get paid, I quit my day job anyway,
I guess it doesn’t matter, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore

You’re gonna go to the record store,
you’re gonna give ’em all your money,
radio plays what they want you to hear,
they tell me it’s cool, I just don’t believe it

sell out, with me oh yea, sell out
with me tonight, the records company’s only give me
lots of money and everything’s gonna be.

I don’t think it’ll be so bad
I know it won’t be so bad
cause the man said “that’s the way it is”
and the man said “it don’t get better than this” no no no noo

so I signed on to the record company,
they say they’re gonna give me lot’s of money,
if I play what they want you to hear
they tell me it’s cool, and I sure believe it…

sell out, with me oh yea, sell out, with me tonight
the record companies gonna give me lots of money and
everything’s gonna be (all right).

Corrosion of Conformity Has Posted A Free Stream Of Their New Album “IX” On SoundCloud


Corrosion of Conformity is the well-regarded heavy metal/hardcore punk band and are releasing their new album IX in a free stream on SoundCloud. Active since 1982, Corrosion of Conformity may qualify for legendary status. And their new album IX will only help, it sounds great. They are definitely still rocking. Listen to the stream below:

IX SoundCloud Stream

Slayer Touring With Suicidal Tendencies This Fall


In what’s sure to be nights of darkly heavenly mayhem for Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies fans, they have joined their considerable forces to announce a tour this fall. It will end December 5th and start in Oakland, California in November. The U.S. is in desperate need for more metal/hardcore punk concert tours like this.

Slayer is considered one of the most influential and popular metal bands of all times, only exceeded by Metallica. Suicidal Tendencies, borne out of Los Angeles, California, and led by Mike Muir has stood the test of time and have been rocking their brand of hardcore punk/thrash metal since the eighties. Tour dates are listed below.


12 Fox Theatre – Oakland, CA
14 The Forum – Los Angeles, CA
15 Comerica Theatre – Phoenix, AZ
17 Bricktown Events Center – Oklahoma City, OK
18 ACL Live – Austin, TX
19 Verizon Theatre – Dallas, TX
21 Hard Rock Live – Orlando, FL
22 The Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA
23 The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
25 The Armory – Albany, NY
26 Sands Events Center – Bethlehem, PA
28 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
29 Wellmont Theatre – Montclair, NJ
30 Tower Theatre – Philadelphia, PA


2 Agora Theatre – Cleveland, OH
4 Egyptian Room – Indianapolis, IN
5 The Fillmore – Detroit, MI

Artist of the Day: Lovesick Saints “War Story/Dia De Los Muertos”


Born in 2007 in Chandler Az, Lovesick Saints was a formation of Tom
Holliday on guitar/vocals, his brother Davy Joe on bass/vocals and Sun
Yun on drums. Initially mixing the old skool country sound with old
skool punk rock, Lss eventually evolved into the rhythm-driven Alt-punk
rock sound it is today. Although heavily influenced by early punk
pioneers such as the Ramones and the Clash, Lss continues to push
forward, incorporating fundamental punk music principles with messages
from life’s ups and downs of today.

Christian Howell joined the project in 2010 when Sun departed ways and
moved to California to pursue another career. Possessing similar musical
interests and undeniable dedication, Lss was honored to welcome the new
punk rocker to the line up with his undeniable rhythm capabilities. When
Davy Joe left the band for personal reasons in 2012, thats when Tom
turned to long time friend and fellow musician Jarrod Olson. Having
worked with Jarrod on an earlier project years ago, Tom knew he would be
a perfect fit. With Jarrod’s unrelenting grunge-era bass technique,
this Seattle-born musician was exactly what the band needed to complete
it’s line up.

Lovesick Saints has played numerous venues in the Maricopa county area
of AZ and looks forward to expanding its sound outside the borders of
its home state. The band has released 4 studio EPs: The Punk Rock Honky
Tonk, Resurwreckshun, Outside Looking In and its recent “Dia de los
Muertos” EP was released in June 2013.

Arizona trio Lovesick Saints, whose brand new music video for “War
Story” shows their melodic sensibilities mixed with a gritty streak,
described as “a heart-felt punk rock tribute to all those who fought and
sacrificed their lives for our freedom” by vocalist/guitarist Tom
Holliday. Recommended for fans of Social Distortion and The Ramones, the
video was directed by HB Abels and is now on Youtube:

Stream the track on Soundcloud:

Stream/review the full EP here:

Band/Artist: Lovesick Saints
Location: Scottsdale AZ.
Styles: Alternative Punk
Similar to/RIYL: Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Pennywise, Alkaline
Trio, Face to Face, The Ramones
CD: Dia De Los Muertos
Release date: 6/19/13

Streaming links:

Members/Instruments: Tom Holliday (Guitars/Vocals), Jarrod Olson (Bass),
Christian Howell (Drums/Backing Vocals)

Production: Recorded at Pyramix Studios (Glendale,AZ) Mixed at The Salt
Mine Studios (Mesa,AZ) Mastered at Gateway Mastering (Portland, ME)

Tracklisting: 1) Dia De Los Muertos 2) Sick and Broken 3) One Foot in
The Grave 4) War Story 5) This Aint It 6) Empty


Top Three Surprisingly Rich Punk Rock Stars


Punk rock’s defiant DIY stance, anti-authority attitude, and underground status doesn’t make it the best genre to make money in. Yet somehow some punk rockers have been able to become millionaires a long the way. Even for punk rockers, becoming a millionaire is something that should be respected, because realistically these three punk rockers came up the hard way. They’ve all fought the good fight, and became pre-emininent members of the punk rock community.

1. Ian McKaye

Former lead singer of two groundbreaking hardcore punk bands, Minor Threat and Fugazi, Ian McKaye is a major part of why the Washington D.C. hardcore punk scene is still loved and revered by so many. A supporter of the Riot Grrrl movement, Ian McKaye has never been one to shy away from making strong political statements. He is reportedly worth over twenty million dollars. How he’s been able amass that money being straight-edge and hardcore is a little bit of a mystery.

2. Kathleen Hanna

While Kathleen Hanna, former lead singer of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, may not be herself filthy rich, her husband of decades Adam Horovitz definitely is. In 2013 Adam Horovitz, better known as Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys, purchased a Chelsea loft well over two million dollars. Kathleen Hanna is currently enjoying a luxurious existence as a rich New Yorker far removed from her days working as a stripper and squatting with friends because she had no money.

3. Tim Armstrong

Due to the massive mainstream success of Rancid, Tim Armstrong may be the least surprising person on this list, which is why he’s listed at number three. A widely beloved figure in the punk world, he also was instrumental in popularizing ska punk to mainstream kids eager for something different. Tim Armstrong seems to have reaped the benefits of his tumultuous life, starting his own record label Hellcat Records and being worth a reported thirteen million dollars. He also got a large skull tattoo a long the way.