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September, 2013

The Media Is Calling Miley Cyrus and MIA Punk Rock

The mainstream media has clearly lost sight of what punk rock is, if they ever knew what it was in the first place. Ever since Miley Cyrus’ twerking at the MTV music awards, Vice magazine has even went as far as to call it a display of punk rock. The idiocy of comparing Miley Cyrus grinding her booty against Robin Thicke with the beliefs and mantra of punk rock is mind blowing. Born of rage and rebellion, punk rock is not a spoiled and and overexposed media target like Miley Cyrus dancing around vacuously with a foam finger.

Singer MIA is also claiming that she’s punk rock, for throwing up her middle finger when performing at The Super Bowl. The English Sri-Lankan musician doesn’t seem to realize that you can’t justify stupid actions by calling it punk rock. MIA was likely paid exorbitant amounts of money to perform to an audience that probably wasn’t even interested in her. Instead of admitting that she acted like a douche, she is calling it a ‘display of punk rock.’

CBGB The Movie Will Be Released In October 2013


CBGB is the legendary punk club in New York that featured an unbelievable amount of legendary punk acts, such as The Ramones, Iggy Pop, Blondie, and the Talking Heads. The movie “CBGB” will aim on trying to recapture that surreal moment in history.

The movie was made by a husband and wife filmmaking duo Randall Miller and Jody Savin. The movie isn’t a documentary, but a dramatic re-telling of the founding of the club by businessman Hilly Kristal. He original wanted the club to showcase country and bluegrass, hence the letters CBGB standing for Country, Blues, and Bluesgrass. But as usual the best laid plans often get sidetracked, and it instead turned into the most famous punk club in the world.

Although the filmmakers tried to make the movie as authentic as possible, it still had some problems. They weren’t able to get the rights to use The Ramones music, despite them being an integral part of the CBGB scene, but were able to get some of Joey Ramone’s solo music.

The movie will be released in select cities in October, like Los Angeles this week, and the filmmakers are hoping that people will come out and support the movie. A video of the teaser is below:

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot Is Hospitalized After Hunger Strike

The brave members of the Russian punk protest band Pussy Riot had been sentenced to two years in a Russian prison camp. To protest the unjust sentence and terrible conditions of the prison, the members have gone on a hunger strike. The most visible member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, at only twenty-three years of age, has recently collapsed and been sent to the prison hospital. Her medical situation is described as dire. She is also the mother of a child, so she has been unable to see her family.

It’s so sad and unfortunate that these women are being unfairly punished by Vladimir Putin by engaging in what should be free speech. Hopefully Nadezhda Tolokonnikova survives and perhaps even moves to another country eventually.

Video of The Alley Cats Performing “It Only Hurts The First Time”

the alley cats

One of the best (and most underrated) punk bands to come out of the California eighties punk scene was The Alley Cats. They were a Lomita-based trio that featured Dianne Chai and her husband Randy Stodola. They were regulars at well-known venues like Whisky a Go Go and Club 88.

They played a surprisingly ferocious and hard-driving version of Los Angeles punk. Featuring a female asian lead singer, which was (and still is) a novelty, Dianne Chai was striking with her fishnet stockings, ratted out hair, and high-heeled boots. They became well-known in the local punk scene. After reforming as the Zarkons, they played a little more before disbanding. Below is a live performance of “It Only Hurts The First Time.” The Alley Cats never received the acclaim of other bands like X, but they left their imprint on the punk music scene of the eighties.

Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis Talks About His Xanax Addiction


Jonathan Davis is getting ready to release his latest album with his band Korn, The Paradigm Shift, and he also has revealed his addiction to Xanax in recent interviews. Although Korn’s peak popularity has passed, they have remained a surprisingly durable band with a loyal fanbase. They survived the rap-rock era and the subsequent backlash over it.

Jonathan Davis bravely reveals in recent interviews that he has attended rehab for his addiction to Xanax, which he took for an anxiety problem that he had. Xanax is a type of benzodiazepine, and the growing number of people becoming addicted to them has become a dirty little secret. What Jonathan Davis probably also didn’t know when he became addicted to them is that Xanax and other benzodiazepines are the absolute worst drugs to detox from, causing terrible withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, nausea, and in extreme cases suicidal thoughts.

Davis now understands how horrible detoxing from Xanax is, as he says he’s still detoxing from it, many months later. He’s trying to focus on releasing Korn’s latest album and bravely has talked about his addiction to Xanax. He says that his motivation in doing so is helping others, particularly kids, who may suffer from addiction problems.