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July, 2013

Video Of GG Allin on Geraldo: Two Very Different and Trashy Worlds Collide


During the heyday of trash talk show television, occasionally Punk Rock stars would appear on shows like Geraldo or Jerry Springer as objects of curiousity and sometimes derision.

GG Allin was tailor-made to appear on these shows. His appearance on these shows does prove, at least, that not everyone on these shows are actors paid to elicit shock and disgust. GG Allin didn’t have to do much but be himself to elicit shock and disgust, even from other punks and subversives.

GG Allin’s segment starts at 3:25.

Morbid Saint’s Awesome Logo, Grindcore Art


Morbid Saint was a metal/grindcore band that only released one album, but their logo and album artwork was bada**.

New Music Review “Letters To Pettibon” by The Nice Sharp Pencils

letters to pettibon

In a brand spanking new feature on Punk Rock Planet, we will be reviewing quality music by bright-eyed upcoming bands. We are proud to introduce the album “Letters To Pettibon” by the Nice Sharp Pencils, a duo out of England who are doing great things with Ben Vocals/Bass and Chris Drums/Vocals.

“Letters To Pettibon” does a lot of things right. It’s true straight-foward rock with memorable vocals, intelligent lyrics, and a melodic creativity that is the trademark of talented songwriters. Highly recommended is “We Never Go Cycling Anymore,” a standout song on the album; wistful and poignant, without being sappy, the melody will stay with you long after you’ve listened to it. Each song on the album is a curated slice of realism through a rock lense.

Other things that have been said about the band include:

“A 2 piece beast of a band who deliver 2 minute pop bombs, that could easily knock a london bus on its side!”- THE FLY

“A two piece orchestra, quite simply Stunning!” – Clash Magazine

“At last a two piece not hung up on the blues! The Nice Sharp Pencils are utterly Refreshing” – Art Rocker Magazine

“Like Death from above, but with Infectious pop gems” – The Stool Pidgeon Magazine

Intrigued? Check them out for yourselves, their music video is below for “We Never Go Cycling Anymore.” And to find out more about them visit their website,

Beth Ditto Gets Married To Her Girlfriend Kristin Ogata


Yes, Beth Ditto is plus-sized, which seems to be a frequent topic of conversation around her. But she’s also insanely talented, fashion-forward, and lives and breathes an alternative lifestyle. She could be the photo in the dictionary next to the term alternative lifestyle, and has described herself as “a fat feminist lesbian from Arkansas.”

She has been with her girlfriend Kristin Ogata for some time, and now they have finally tied the knot in Hawaii. They look extremely in love and happy together, and Ditto’s life only seems to be getting better. Beautiful.

Song Of The Day “Rambo” – Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13


Blow em up like Rambo

He is a killing machine,
He’s the best combat vet that you’ve ever seen,
And now he’s all alone
and what you call hell he calls home,
he was just walking the streets,
Some cop had to push his authority,
He just wanted some lunch,
But when they fucked with Rambo, they fucked up,

[ From: ]
Blow em up like Rambo

You need an army against this man,
And don’t forget a good supply of body bags,
one thing he’ll say to you,
"Murdock, i’m coming after you"

Blow em up like Rambo