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March, 2013

Punk Rock Bowling 2013, Don’t Miss Out!


The annual Music Festival for punk rockers has announced that their tickets are now officially on sale. This is an amazing festival, where punk rock groups from past and present convene in Las Vegas. It looks like this year will just be as fun as the past, with appearances from Black Flag, Wanda Jackson, and Devo.

If you have a chance to check this out, definitely don’t miss out in May to immerse yourself in Punk Rock!!!!!

For more info, check out their website and get tickets!!

The Five Most Iconic Punk Rock Logos


One of the enduring traits of Punk Rock is the emotion and anger the music inspires. Punk Rock is not only music, but a way of seeing and living life, how it makes you feel. It has endured through many years, re-inventing itself, breaking off into multiple genres. Meanwhile, every new generation breeds new punk rockers, influencing fashion and design. So as expected, the logos of many Punk Rock bands and even venues have become iconic and recognizable as “punk” even to those who aren’t fans. So without further ado, here are the top five logos:

1. The Sex Pistols

2. The Misfits

3. The Ramones

4. Black Flag


Agree? Disagree? I would love to hear what you consider the most recognizable and endurable punk rock logos.

Kathleen Hanna Of Bikini Kill Is Married To Ad Rock From The Beastie Boys


Many people (me included) have inaccurately deduced that Bikini Kill’s fiery front-woman Kathleen Hanna is a lesbian. The reality is not true at all. In fact, she’s married to The Beastie Boys Ad Rock (Adam Horovitz), and has been involved with him since 1996

As Spin Magazine pointed out, Adam Horovitz is a member of a band that once had concerts with inflatable male genitalia and girls dancing in cages. Ah, the irony!

Former Pro Wrestler Lita Stars In JD & the FDCs’ Music Video


Lita, aka Amy Dumas, was one of the biggest female pro wrestling stars of all time in the WWE. She also had a uniquely punk rock persona in a wrestling world filled with bleached hair and bright sequins. What set Lita apart was that in an industry full of gimmicks, Lita was genuinely a punk rocker, who lived the music and the lifestyle.

Post-WWE, Lita hosts a radio show called PunkRockalypse and lives in Atlanta. She has recently appeared in a video for JD & the FDCs as a “corpse bride.” The video is cool, but I must say the title of the band is terrible and forgettable.

Lita is also rumored to be dating fellow punk rocker and straight-edge devotee CM Punk.

Trent Reznor’s Main Squeeze Is Filipina Beauty Mariqueen Maandig


The front-man and sole member of legendary band NIN has settled down and cleaned up, composing soundtracks for major motion pictures and getting married with children. His wife is filipina beauty Mariqueen Maandig, who has recently come to spotlight with the musical collaboration she and Reznor are having. They supposedly met under “mysterious circumstances,” which kind of makes you scratch your head a little….

Yahoo! recently posted a front-page article about their collaboration together. To read the entire article Click Here.